Getting fired because your credit changes during employment.

How your credit can get you hired, fired and stop a promotion. Part iv of iv: Getting fired because your credit changes during employment.

As we have learned in part iii, the job applicant’s death spiral, your credit can derail your prospects for a job or promotion.

Now we’ll explore how your credit can possibly get you fired.

Checking credit during employment is a new trend. Employers have started using your credit to monitor on-going behavior while you are employed.  Many employment contracts now include your permission to check your credit twice a year or whenever determined necessary.

The need for this does have relevance if you have a sensitive job, high security clearance or handle the identity of others.

Why is checking an employees credit a growing habit beyond the obvious need?

It’s primarily because employers see credit checks as a component of on-going employee management.  There are other factors too.  Checking ones credit during employment is a way to avoid liability risk in firing someone.  An employer could be at risk of negligence claims should they continue to employ high risk individuals.  However, it could be used as an excuse to fire someone.

This is a problem for employees who become the victim of identity theft, which negatively affects your credit.  Or imagine if you have an unexpected medical bill you can’t pay which then becomes a collection on your credit report.

Doing your job well no longer assures continual employment.  Your credit can become a significant factor.

What can you do?

Ask your company to offer the employee benefits package.  Our state of the art system offers real identity and credit protection.  Smart Credit will provide all employees with our great credit, identity and finance service at a volume discount.

Be proactive!  Make sure your credit is the best it should be using our Smart Action buttons to fix errors, get goodwill corrections of negatives and settle debts.  You can do this all with the simple push of a button.  Your actions go directly to your creditors who then update all your credit reports.  It’s fast and effective.

David B. Coulter – founder and C.E.O. of Smart Credit